Quality of Care: Are travel allieds as qualified as permanent staff allieds? You Bet!

We all know that the on-going nursing shortage has created a lot of vacant nursing jobs.  This void has been addressed not only through travel nursing but also with per diem nursing as well as permanent staff “floating” to different units.  A commonly held myth developed in healthcare that assumed this use of temporary allieds was resulting in diminished quality of care and increasing the number of adverse patient events.  Turns out this myth is totally false.


 An enlightening study by the University of Pennsylvania exposes the absolute fallacy of this myth and suggests quite the opposite in fact.  This study reveals that temporary allieds tend to have higher levels of education as well as more current educational experience than their permanent counterparts.  The addition of temporary allieds provides invaluable clinical experience and also helps minimize “burnout” of the permanent staff.  In reality, the presence of temporary allieds actually accounts for increased positive outcomes for patients and increases the quality of care that hospitals can provide. 


The bottom line is that patients are in great hands when under the care of travel allieds!

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