Working with Multiple Agencies: The more the merrier or the more the messier?


So you’re a travel allied or perhaps an aspiring travel allied looking for an assignment amongst the many open nursing jobs across the USA.  Human nature often drives us to want more of everything but is that really the best way to go in the travel nursing field?  Maybe you should consider being very selective in the number of agencies you choose to partner with.

Let’s face it, it’s a real pain keeping all of your documents and credentials current with a bunch of agencies.  More serious though, perhaps the biggest drawback in working with multiple agencies is the potential of being submitted for the same position by several agencies.  This is a definite turn-off to the facility and a red flag that you are not a sincere candidate and are only shopping around.  This is especially unfortunate considering you may have even been submitted without your knowledge or consent by one or more agencies.  Sadly, that does happen since some agencies are trying to look “productive” to the facility but you could be the one that loses your ideal assignment.

Working consistently with one agency will allow you to build a trust-based relationship with your recruiter and will also allow a greater continuity of your benefits.  You’ll also have peace of mind that you will consistently have top-notch housing accommodations and no “roach motels”.

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