The Travel Nursing Paradox

 PART 2: What you can do to increase your chances of landing the ideal travel job

Refresher From Last Month

Last month we spoke about the magnitude of the present nursing shortage and the number of open nursing jobs currently unfilled. According to the experts, this situation will only worsen in the coming years.  We also addressed the impact (actually non-impact!) of the nursing shortage on the travel nursing industry – simply put there is no shortage of travel allied candidates for the choice openings.  This seems like an illogical situation but it is reality in the travel nursing world.

What Can a Travel Nurse Do To Maximize the Odds of Getting the Desired Position?

The travel allied that wants to increase the odds of winning the ideal travel position can do a number of things to better their chances.  Simply understanding the situation and being prepared will go a long way. 

In order to be submitted for a travel opening, your recruiter will need some basic minimum information:

  • 1) Resume with work history. Be sure your resume “sells” you and your skills. Be as specific as you can and highlight any particular skills, experience, procedures, certifications, or equipment usage that demonstrates your competence. Also be sure to explain any time lapses in your nursing career such as taking time off for motherhood or additional schooling.
  • 2) Current detailed skills checklist specific to your specialty. Many hospitals will also want to see the result of a medical challenge exam but at a minimum, the self administered skills checklist will be required.
  • 3) Current Supervisory References. Typically 2 references are required and they need to be from supervisors’, not just coworkers or friends. These are better if obtained from your current or most recent employer.


The key to all of this is to make sure that your recruiter has all of this information ahead of time.  You can’t afford to wait until a position opens up and then start gathering this information.  By that time, your profile will be late and the position will likely be filled already.  Your profile needs to be current and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  All things equal, the early and complete profile has a better chance of being favorably reviewed by the facility.  I know we all like to put off and procrastinate, but getting a well thought out resume and profile together is really a great investment in your future.  The neat thing is that once you’ve got it together, it’s really easy to keep it updated and current.


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