Pros of being a Travel Nurse

Pros of being a Travel Nurse

So you are debating whether or not to become a travel allied and you are curious as to what the benefits are. Travel nursing is not for everyone, but if your interests and personality line up with the following benefits, then you should try it!

1.   Travel

Obviously travel allieds get to travel. But what’s so great about it? You have the ability to pick assignments from all over the country! This part is all up to your preferences. Do you like the beach and warm weather? Try looking for assignments in California, Florida or even North Carolina! Not a beach person? No problem. There’s always Washington, Colorado and other mountainous states to visit.

2.   Flexibility

Becoming a travel allied doesn’t mean you are going to be stuck in one state for years before you can move onto the next. Travel contracts usually range anywhere from 4 weeks to 52 weeks, with the average being 13 weeks. This gives you so much flexibility! Work for 8 weeks, take a month off. Or don’t! It’s all up to you! You decide when and where you work.

3.   Pay

Since travel allieds are considered specialty allieds, you can ask for top pay rates, including double time for overtime! The average rate of pay for a traveling allied is $25 – $40 per hour. You will be making great money, visiting all of your dream destinations and having a blast!

4.    Expenses

Many (not all) agencies will reimburse you for part or all of your travel expenses to move from one assignment to another. Most agencies will give you the option of having them rent your housing for you. This means you might be in a two bedroom apartment with another traveler, but that would be great for some company! If you want your own place, you can choose your own space and receive an allowance from the agency.

Like we said, if you love being at home, have lots of children or pets and don’t like throwing yourself into new and unknown experiences, travel nursing may not be for you. But, if you are adventurous and love meeting new people and having new experiences, it’s definitely something to look into!

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