Practical Positivity

Everyone wants to spread some positivity and cheer in the workplace, but singing happy songs and being upbeat all the time is just not practical! Here are ten ideas of how you can put forth minimal effort to make a huge impact on the positivity of those around you at work!

Bring A Healthy Treat

Nothing brings together like food! Bring a bag of oranges or apples, or even a box of granola bars to share with the team!

Give A Shout Out

Did you just see your coworker doing something nice or going out of their way to help someone? Give them a shout out! Make sure other people hear it and compliment them on their hard work and dedication.

Bring A Plant

This one may sound weird, but plants are actually great for us to be around! They are proven to raise productivity and job satisfaction. You could even have a contest on the plant’s name!

Lend A Hand

Help someone else when it’s not your job to do so, and you can really make someone’s day!

Celebrate One Another

I’m sure you already celebrate your coworkers’ birthdays, but why not take it a step further? If someone is furthering their education, plan a big lunch for them on that day! Show interest in each other’s lives, and the positivity will spread.

Acts of Encouragement

Simple kind words of encouragement to your coworkers can go a long way! Write with chalk by the employee entrance “Awesome Employees Enter Here!” or something to get someone smiling!

Give Compliments

If you love someone’s new scrubs or a patient’s shirt, tell them! Compliment each other as much as you can and build each other up!


As a nurse, you are moving a lot, if it’s nice outside, move your break with your coworkers outside and really soak up some sunshine and fresh air.


This seems silly, but during and after a long hard day at work, we may not be smiling as much as we think we are! Smiling is contagious and can turn around someone’s day.

Gift Others

Whether its a handmade card or a candle, give gifts to your coworkers and you’ll see the positivity almost immediately!

Do you  have any other ways you like to spread positivity in your workplace?

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