How To Find Your Specialty

Can you believe that there are over one hundred different specialties you can explore in the nursing world? That means there is a whole world of opportunity out there for you to find something you truly love! Here are some ways you can find what you are passionate about and then match it to a specialty!

First Step: Evaluate How You Work Best

Do you work best under pressure? Do you work better when there’s a “prize” or “award” at the end? What about something more slow paced and intricate? Find out what makes you tick and then try to match yourself with something that will help you excel!

Second Step: Find A Specialty That Matches Your Work Habits

If you answered “yes” to working best under pressure, you should check out Ambulatory Care or Emergency Room nursing! If you’re looking for something extremely rewarding, how about a Labor & Delivery Nurse! Even if you aren’t into the blood and surgery types of nursing, you can choose to be a Poison Information Specialist or a Psychiatric Nurse. Love kids? Be a Pediatric Nurse or even a School Nurse!

Third Step: Never Be Complacent

If you try one of these specialties that you’re sure you’ll like, but find that you aren’t happy or challenged enough, don’t stay there! Never get complacent in your job or do things you don’t want to do. AHS MedStat can always help you find your next dream job!