How To Effectively Manage Work Stress

Nurses, of all people, know stress. Working long, emotionally draining hours and overcoming staffing challenges can cause a lot of stress. This stress can lead to a feeling of job dissatisfaction and even burnout. Job stress can be the most difficult to manage when it’s happening in real time during work hours. Here are some tools to help you with your stress-management on the job!

Get Organized

Keeping yourself and your workplace organized can immediately help decrease stress. Nurses in particular get into a mindset where they feel like they have to be superheroes, but they can’t do everything! Take the time to set your priorities in your day and you can better figure out how to complete all the tasks. While you can’t realistically do everything, you’ll be able to prioritize what you must accomplish and this will decrease your amount of stress.

Enlist the Help of a Mentor

Mentors aren’t only just to teach you, but they can help you develop your own career path and help you cool down on the job. You may be able to express or vent your concerns, which often nurses keep bottled up to keep their composures for their patients. When you have a mentor, you have a built-in go-to person who can help you with issues and teach you how to do things better next time, which can also decrease your amount of stress.

Create a Culture of  Communication

Communication is one of the best ways nurses can decrease the stress in their day. If a patient senses that their nurse is stressed and isn’t communicating well with them, it only leads to them worrying more and calling more, which is just a vicious cycle of stress for everyone. When you can foster a culture of communication, in which people can share information openly, stress levels decrease. Not only does the patient and the nurse stress decrease, nurses are able to do their jobs more confidently because the plan of care is clearer.

Managing stress on the job is a key way to help prevent burnout. Keep job satisfaction high by looking for ways to cope with the everyday job stresses you face!

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