How to become a great allied leader

You’ve already made a huge step towards being a leader in our society by becoming a allied and saving lives, but is there more you can do? Of course! Whether you already hold a leadership position within your career or you are striving to get there, here are 4 ways to be a better leader.

1.   Overachieve

When you were growing up, more than likely you heard kids being teased for being a teacher’s pet. But now you’re in the real world and overachieving will get you far! If you go above and beyond in the hospital to help your coworkers and patients out, then you will be greatly rewarded. Take the shift that no one wants, help your coworkers out when they need it most and always remember to be kind, even when it may be hard to do so.

2.   Give Praise to Others

Everyone likes to be complimented and praised. Instead of seeking out praise for yourself, pass it around to your coworkers and superiors! When someone does a great job, cheer them on. This is even more effective when done publicly. If you give your coworker a pat on the back and a compliment on something specific they accomplished that day in front of other people, it’s not only going to boost their morale, but will make you look good in the end also!

3.    Communication is Key

Whether you already hold a leadership position or look to hold one in the future, communication is always key. Keep in constant contact with support services, the physician staff and even senior leadership so that you all can be on the same page and they will see you are striving for success. Talk to your coworkers, your employees and whoever else you interact with on a daily basis and make sure that the line of communication is open in case anything needs to be brought up. This will make you approachable and easy to talk to, which can play in your favor.

4.    Be Accountable

Accountability can sometimes be tough but it is essential to being successful. It’s imperative to hold all employees accountable for the part that they play in the overall scheme and goal, as well as keeping yourself accountable for what you are in charge of as well. If you hold a leadership position and notice one employee slacking, ignoring it is the worst thing to do. Plan a meeting with them to go over the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. That way, you can point out the good, bad and ugly all at the same time and hopefully get the issue resolved.

For those striving for a leadership position within nursing, it is only a small reach away! Staying focused and giving your all into the relationships you create with your fellow employees and patients is key to your leadership success.

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