5 Tips for Travel Nurses with Pets

Traveling is an exciting time for all travel nurses. But bringing a companion can make the travel time zoom by even faster. For some, their companion is a friend, child, or podcast, but for others, bringing their pet is the ultimate experience!

Being able to explore new locations with your pet can be an amazing experience for all travel nurses.

Here are 5 tips for travel nurses with pets:

Research Your Companies Pet Policy.

Some companies offer pet friendly benefits and are comfortable assisting you with finding pet friendly housing. These companies understand that traveling with your pet enhances your experience and your morale. If you plan on traveling with your pet, make sure to check or ask about the travel nurses policy on pets.  Be sure to receive all details as each company have their own policies.

Plan Ahead

Write down every need for yourself and your pet. This helps with all small details for your traveling, and also from forgetting anything crucial. Check all necessary pet equipment such as carriers, food bowls, treats and food. This list will help with all specific needs of you and your pet.

Making Moving Day, an Awesome Day

Road trips are the most popular with traveling nurse’s assignments. With these trips, try to make the trip as smooth as possible with all pets. Both cats and dogs can be skittish during trips. Provide some security by putting them in their carrier with their favorite toy. Never leave your pet unattended except for short bathroom breaks. Bring assurance to your pet by talking to them during the trip. All pets love the sound of their owner!

Help Your Pet Adjust

Give your pet space when discovering new areas. Each pet adjusts differently. Offer treats or toys that remind them of home. Dogs may need extra attention, so don’t forget to hug and love them! Make all water, food, and litter boxes accessible.

Research Local Pet Attractions

Research local vets and groomers for your pets need. Be acquainted with local dog parks or pet friendly parks.  Word of mouth and Yelp reviews can help you explore your new surroundings.  In addition to finding new areas, this will help break the ice with new coworkers or community members.

Hopefully these tips will help your pet and your traveling!  Traveling with your pet can be super rewarding; so don’t be afraid to jump into it!

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