Surgical Tech Jobs: Top Six States

woman working in surgical tech jobs hiking in canyon

Are you a surgical tech looking for an adventure? The world of travel surgical tech jobs is calling your name! Right now, there’s a huge need for skilled surgical techs across the country. This means amazing pay, exciting locations, and the chance to boost your career. Plus, you’ll help people in different communities get the surgical care they need.

So, where are the hottest spots for travel surgical techs? In this article, we’ll dive into the top six states that can’t wait to welcome you. We’ll tell you why they need you, and how traveling for work can be a fantastic experience. If you’re ready to get started, contact a knowledgeable recruiter at AHS MedStat today to find your perfect travel tech job.

Qualifications for Travel Surgical Techs

To thrive as a travel surgical tech, you’ll need the right mix of technical skills and personal qualities. Remember, these are the baseline requirements. Some specialized travel assignments may have additional criteria based on the specific surgical focus.

Here’s what we typically look for:

Certification: Nationally recognized certification as a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) is almost always mandatory. This demonstrates your knowledge of operating room procedures, infection control, and patient safety. You can obtain certification through organizations like the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

Experience: Most travel assignments require at least one to two years of recent experience as a surgical tech. This ensures you can hit the ground running and adapt quickly to different surgical environments.

Adaptable: Hospitals have their own procedures and protocols. Being flexible and quick to learn is crucial.

Strong Communication Skills: Clear communication with surgeons, nurses, and other OR staff is essential for patient safety.

Team Player: Surgery is a team effort, so being a reliable and collaborative team player is a must.

Stress Management Skills: The OR can be high-pressure. The ability to handle stress and stay focused is important.

Top Six States for Surgical Tech Jobs



Illinois faces a surge in demand for surgical techs. Statistics point to an aging population driving more healthcare needs, along with new hospital expansions increasing surgical capacity. Major cities like Chicago, Rockford, and Peoria show particularly high demand.  

While working in Illinois, you can enjoy world-class museums and vibrant nightlife in Chicago, or explore charming small towns nestled in the scenic beauty of the Mississippi River Valley, all alongside rewarding work in a state that truly needs your skills.


Nevada’s need for surgical tech jobs is fueled by a growing and aging population. The demand is concentrated in Las Vegas and Reno, offering highly dynamic work environments. 

When off-shift, you can spend your time exploring this state’s natural beauty, from the majestic landscapes of Red Rock Canyon to the sparkling waters of Lake Tahoe. You can even check out some local historic ghost towns.

woman working in surgical tech jobs hiking in canyon
Surgical tech jobs allow you to live in and explore beautiful states across the U.S.


The cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks provide high-paying opportunities for skilled surgical techs to live and work. This is largely due to the challenges of accessing healthcare in these remote communities.

Living in Alaska will allow you to experience the breathtaking beauty of unspoiled mountains and glaciers, and witness the incredible light show of the Northern Lights.


California beckons with sunshine, redwoods, and the chance to make a real difference in a state with a massive population. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego consistently rank high in demand for surgical techs, fueled in part by a growing elderly demographic that requires more surgical procedures. 

In your spare time, you can try surfing at one of the many beaches, or go hiking in an incredible national park.

New York 

New York State always has open surgical tech jobs, thanks to its reputation as a hub for advanced medical care. Most of these jobs are in New York City and its surrounding metropolitan areas. 

While on assignment in New York, check some iconic landmarks off your bucket list, take in some Broadway shows, or escape to the stunning natural landscapes of the Adirondack Mountains.


Arizona is a hotspot for travel surgical techs, as its large retiree community drives a high demand for surgical procedures. Focus your job search on Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas, where demand is particularly strong.  

When off the clock, you can soak up stunning desert landscapes, the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon, and the vibrant cultural scene of cities like Scottsdale.

Explore America with Surgical Tech Jobs

From the big cities of California to the wilds of Alaska, opportunities await to boost your career, earn excellent pay, and help communities across the country. The demand for surgical tech jobs is real, and it’s still growing!

If you’re a certified surgical tech ready for an adventure, AHS MedStat can help turn your goals into reality. We specialize in matching skilled professionals like you with amazing travel assignments across the nation. Explore open positions, learn about the benefits of travel healthcare, and take the first step in your journey by contacting AHS MedStat today!

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