Allied Healthcare Jobs: Traveling Rehabilitation Pros

Finding allied healthcare jobs that fit your goals and needs is important to feel professionally and personally fulfilled. There are many types of jobs you can find in the allied health field, including rehabilitation health jobs for professionals like physical therapists and speech language pathologists. Traveling allied health jobs are a great option if you’re looking for more adventure, better pay, and extra freedom over your career. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should consider becoming a traveling rehabilitation health professional and some tips to get started.

What Are Travel Allied Healthcare Jobs?

Allied healthcare jobs are jobs for healthcare professionals in a wide range of fields. Generally, they fall under two broad categories: technicians and therapists/technologists. There are many different specialties, ranging from respiratory therapists to speech language pathologists. 

Travel allied health jobs are different from a permanent position at a medical facility. These jobs are actually short-term contracts where you come on board to help fill in for staffing gaps. For instance, if another professional takes another opportunity or if they need to take leave. Another reason facilities use traveling professionals is when there’s an increase in the number of patients, such as in popular destinations for snowbirds during the winter. 

With travel allied healthcare jobs, you come on for a set period of time. Usually this is 13 weeks, but it can be longer or shorter. You have a short orientation time and then start providing care as soon as possible so that the facility can maintain the same quality of care for their patients when they’re short staffed. These jobs are called travel jobs because usually you will travel away from your own city to fill in. Many professionals choose to travel quite far to get jobs with higher pay or to visit locations they’ve always wanted to see. 

Rehabilitation Health Jobs

Physical therapist working with patient after taking travel allied healthcare jobs
Travel allied healthcare jobs allow you to care for patients across the U.S.

Rehabilitation health jobs fall under the allied health umbrella. There are several types of rehab health professionals, including:

  • Physical therapists
  • Physical therapy assistants
  • Speech language pathologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Occupational therapy assistance

These professionals can also find travel allied healthcare jobs and take advantage of the many perks of being a traveler. As a traveling rehabilitation health professional, you provide patient care to help get them become more functional for daily living, just like in a permanent position. However, with travel rehabilitation health jobs, you provide that care in facilities that desperately need your help because of staffing gaps. In return, you get many added benefits. 

Why Choose Travel Allied Healthcare Jobs?

There are many advantages to choosing travel allied healthcare jobs as a rehabilitation professional. When you become a traveler, you enjoy things like higher pay and benefits, adventure, experience, and freedom. 

Travel Allied Healthcare Jobs Offer Great Pay & Benefits

Travel rehabilitation health jobs generally pay much higher than a permanent position in the same facility. The exact pay varies based on many factors, like location, the facility, and your experience. Your specialty also matters. For instance, a traveling physical therapist will generally make more for an assignment compared to an occupational therapy assistant. However, by and large, traveling rehabilitation health professionals will make more than a permanent staffer. The reason for this is because you’re in high demand and you’re coming in to fill a gap that otherwise would be difficult to fill. 

In addition to the great pay, you also get many other benefits as a traveler. For instance, our benefits packages include:

  • 401K with matching up to 5%
  • Full dental and medical benefits
  • Tax-free stipends 
  • Choice between private furnished housing or housing stipends

Therefore, there are many elements to your compensation package that can make travel allied healthcare jobs a lucrative option for you. 

Travelers Get to See the Country

Another reason to consider travel rehabilitation health jobs is because you get to see the country. It’s not a requirement to travel far away from home, but it is a great perk you can take advantage of. Is there anywhere you’ve been dying to see, but the stars haven’t aligned to let you take a vacation there? Well, as a traveler, you can find an assignment in those places and see cool destinations while doing what you love. We offer medical staffing solutions nationwide in all 50 states, so whether you want to visit Hawaii to get some sun or want to ski some slopes in Colorado, we can help you visit those places you’ve always wanted to see. 

You Get More Diverse Experience

As a savvy rehabilitation health professional, we know you love to be challenged in your work and learn everything you can about your field. Well, as a traveler, you can do just that. Going to different facilities and different states can provide you with a huge wealth of experience because you’re interacting with different people and working within different systems and policies. The result is often an opportunity for fast-tracked skills gaining and experience. For instance, you’re likely going to learn how to work many different EMR systems and use several different types of charting, not to mention you might run into patients with different ailments that you can help them with. 

Travel Allied Healthcare Jobs Offer Extra Flexibility

Another reason many professionals choose travel allied healthcare jobs is because of the freedom and flexibility. You’re completely in charge of your career as a traveling rehabilitation health pro. You choose which assignments you take and when. So, you decide which states you practice in, which facilities you work in, as well as when to take time off in between assignments. You can even choose assignments based on criteria like the type of shift. Basically, you have complete freedom over your career, which is incredibly exciting for many professionals.

How to Find Travel Allied Healthcare Jobs

Once you decide to become a traveler, then there are several steps to take before you can find travel allied healthcare jobs. The first thing to note is that you will need the proper credentials to practice as well as some experience under your belt so you’re prepared to practice in new environments as a traveler. Once you have that, you can reach out to our recruiters to get started. Our recruiters help you find the ideal assignments for your needs and goals by getting to know you and your criteria for each assignment. We also have a credentialing team to help you get the right credentials for every state you plan to practice in so everything goes smoothly for each assignment you take. 

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