Allied Health Jobs by the Beach

woman in allied health jobs on beach

The rhythmic crash of waves, the endless blue horizon, the feeling of sand between your toes—it’s no wonder the ocean and beach offer such a powerful sense of peace. When the pressure of your busy allied health job feels overwhelming, the beach can be your sanctuary. It’s a great place to recharge and reset.

If you’re a healthcare professional dreaming of beach sunsets after a long day on shift, travel allied health jobs can make that happen! These positions offer awesome flexibility, great pay, and the chance to explore incredible destinations. 

Mixing a fulfilling allied health career with a sun and sand lifestyle is a win-win! We can help you find your next perfect placement, thanks to our job board with hundreds of open positions around the U.S. Or, contact one of our helpful recruiters to talk about your career goals and dream job destinations.

Top Beach Destinations for Allied Health Jobs

There’s just something relaxing and energizing about the beach. Salt air clears your mind, sunshine boosts your spirit, and the vastness of the sea always seems to put daily worries into perspective. Let’s dive into some popular and unexpected seaside spots to look for your next allied health job placement:


The Oregon coast holds a special kind of magic. Here, wild beaches stretch for miles, backed by towering cliffs and lush forests. The Pacific roars, seabirds call, and the salty tang of the air feels like an instant reset button for a stressed-out soul. 

After a demanding day in the world of healthcare, a walk on these windswept shores melts tension away. Whether you find solace in the dramatic beauty of Cannon Beach’s iconic Haystack Rock or the playful energy of Seaside’s boardwalk, the Oregon coast is a place to breathe deeply and reconnect with the untamed power of nature.


The California coast is a land of contrasts, and that’s exactly its appeal. From the vibrant pulse of San Diego, where beach life weaves seamlessly with urban excitement, to the laid-back surfer haven of Santa Cruz, there’s a coastal niche that’s exactly what you need.

You might find yourself unwinding on a bustling city beach, lost in the rhythm of the crowds, or strolling along a secluded cove in a charming beach town, leaving your worries in the footprints on the sand. The California coastline stretches for miles, offering endless possibilities to discover the perfect blend of work, play, and that unbeatable oceanside energy.

woman in allied health jobs on beach
Find allied health job opportunities in incredible coastal communities across the US.


The Gulf Coast beaches in Texas hold a charm all their own. The warm waters gently lap the shore, inviting you to shed your shoes and sink your toes into the sand. Historic Galveston is a trip through time, with neighborhoods full of charming or grand Victorian homes. Corpus Christi offers a bigger city feel, with bustling beaches and diverse attractions. Meanwhile, South Padre Island is a haven for sun-seekers and nature lovers, promising long stretches of pristine coastline and a chance to spot migrating sea turtles. The Texas coast is all about easygoing vibes and wide-open spaces, perfect for shaking off the stress of a demanding job.


The Northeast coastline offers a unique beach experience with a classic Americana feel. Think about Cape Cod, where windswept dunes meet clapboard houses, and charming main streets spill out onto sandy shores. It’s a place where lobster rolls taste better with a salty breeze, and a stroll along a historic lighthouse feels like stepping back in time. 

Meanwhile, the Jersey Shore is a world unto itself! From the bustling boardwalks packed with amusements to quieter, family-friendly towns, there’s a slice of shore life to fit any mood. The Northeast coast might not be the first place that comes to mind for beaches, but it has a nostalgic charm that’s perfect for escaping the daily grind of your allied healthcare job.

North Carolina

The North Carolina coast embodies Southern charm with a side of coastal beauty. Historic towns like Wilmington offer a blend of history and vibrant beach life, while the Outer Banks beckon with wild beaches, windswept dunes, and a sense of untouched wilderness. Lose yourself in the sound of crashing waves at a secluded lighthouse, or join the friendly crowds on a lively boardwalk.  

North Carolina has plenty of options for those who crave a slower pace, outdoor adventure, or a mix of quaint beach-town life and healthcare opportunities. It’s a place where sweet tea goes hand-in-hand with salty air, and the worries of the workday seem to fade away with the sunset.


Florida is the ultimate beach lover’s paradise, boasting an unbeatable combo of sunshine, warm waters, and endless coastal options. The vibrant pulse of Miami blends seamlessly with its iconic beaches, perfect for soaking up the cosmopolitan energy. At the southernmost tip, Key West offers a quirky, laid-back escape, where sunsets are a nightly celebration.  

If you’re seeking a more relaxed and budget-friendly experience, the Panhandle region delivers with stunning, sugar-white sand beaches and a slower pace of life. Whether you crave the buzz of a big city, island vibes, or a tranquil coastal retreat, Florida’s got your beach dream covered.

Good Planning is Key

Before you pack your scrubs and flip-flops, consider these key factors to identify the best and most practical destination for you.

Think about the overall vibe you prefer, and choose a destination accordingly. Do you crave the energy of a big city with beaches, or is a laid-back, small-town atmosphere more your speed?

Beachfront living can be pricey. Prices can be even higher during peak seasons like summer. Look into areas where the cost of living aligns well with your budget. For pricier destinations, it may be worth taking advantage of the housing options offered by AHS MedStat instead of trying to find housing on your own.

Once you’re there, it can be easy to get caught up in the routine of work, and miss out on chances to get out to the beach. You don’t want to let this amazing opportunity slip away, so proactively schedule those sunset walks and ocean dips!

Allied Health Jobs in Your Dream Destinations

Allied health travel jobs at amazing beach destinations are within reach! Do your research, find the spot that speaks to you, and get ready to combine your passion for healthcare with a whole lot of coastal sunshine. We’re ready to help you get there, so connect with one of our recruiters at AHS MedStat now to start the process. You’ll be strolling in the sand before you know it!

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