What’s the Typical Pay for Travel Allied Health Jobs?

woman in allied health job earning great pay

The world of travel allied health is booming! If you’re a skilled therapist or technologist, you can combine competitive pay with the adventure of short-term assignments around the country. These roles typically last around 13 weeks and offer fantastic earning potential in addition to the chance to see new places and build your resume. But how much can you actually make? This blog post will dive into typical pay ranges for travel allied health jobs and the factors that influence your compensation.

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What Factors Affect Travel Allied Health Pay?

woman in allied health job earning great pay
Earn great pay in travel allied health jobs.

It’s important to understand that not all travel allied health jobs pay the same. You should always discuss compensation thoroughly with a potential travel staffing agency to understand the full breakdown of their pay package.

 Your earning potential can be influenced by several key factors, including:

  1. Specialty: Certain allied health disciplines are consistently in higher demand than others. For instance, respiratory therapists and specialized radiologic technologists often command higher pay due to the complexity of their skills and the critical needs of facilities.
  2. Experience Level: As you gain seniority in your field, your value increases. Seasoned travel allied health professionals can typically negotiate better rates compared to recent graduates.
  3. Location of Assignment: Cost of living plays a substantial role. Big cities and regions with higher living expenses will usually offer higher wages to offset those costs. Or, rural areas with healthcare shortages might incentivize travelers with better pay packages.
  4. Type of Facility: Hospitals generally pay more than smaller clinics, skilled nursing facilities, or outpatient centers. The size, complexity of cases, and overall budget of the facility impact compensation.
  5. Need/Urgency: If a facility needs someone to fill a role immediately, they may offer a premium rate to quickly secure a qualified professional. Being flexible with start dates can put you in a position to capitalize on these higher-paying opportunities.

Average Weekly Pay for Travel Allied Health Roles 

These are some of the national weekly pay averages for typical 13-week travel assignments. Actual compensation can vary significantly based on location, experience, and other factors as discussed above.

Respiratory Therapist

Typical Pay Range: $2,500 – $3,800 per week. 

Factors Impacting Pay:

  • Specialty
  • Experience
  • Location

Physical Therapist

Typical Pay Range: $2,800 – $4,200 per week

Factors Impacting Pay:

  • Setting
  • Credentials
  • Need/Urgency

Radiology Tech

Typical Pay Range: $2,000 – $3,200 per week

Factors Impacting Pay:

  • Modality
  • Experience
  • Location

Speech-Language Pathologist

Typical Pay Range: $2,300 – $3,600 per week

Factors Impacting Pay:

  • Patient Population
  • Caseload
  • Facility Type

Lab Tech

Typical Pay Range: $1,900 – $3,000 per week

Factors Impacting Pay:

  • Certifications and specializations
  • Experience level
  • Location and type of facility

Surgical Tech

Typical Pay Range: $2,100 – $3,400 per week

Factors Impacting Pay:

  • Specialty surgical focus (e.g., cardiovascular, orthopedics)
  • Certifications
  • Urgency of facility need

Maximize Earning Potential in Allied Health Travel Jobs

Now that you understand the factors influencing travel allied health pay, let’s discuss strategies to maximize your potential income:

Work with a Reputable Travel Agency: A good travel healthcare staffing agency has your best interests at heart. They have access to a wide network of high-paying contracts, can negotiate with facilities on your behalf, and provide valuable guidance throughout the process. Look for an agency specializing in your allied health discipline.

Be Flexible: The most lucrative opportunities often pop up with shorter notice or require you to relocate to more remote areas. Being open to different locations, willing to take on various shift options (nights, weekends), and able to start assignments quickly puts you in a strong position.

Invest in Yourself: Continuing education, obtaining additional certifications, and expanding your skill set makes you a more valuable asset to facilities. Investment in professional development can lead to better-paying assignments in specialized areas.

Know Your Worth: Stay updated on current market rates for your specialty by using online resources and talking to other travel professionals. This knowledge empowers you to negotiate effectively and target assignments that align with your desired income level.

Understand and Negotiate: When offered a contract, don’t just focus on the hourly rate. Your travel agency can help you understand the full compensation package, including tax-free stipends for housing and meals; completion bonuses or sign-up incentives; and health insurance, PTO, or other benefits.

Consider Contract Extensions: If you have a positive experience at a facility, there may be opportunities to extend your contract. Good performance can sometimes lead to increased pay or bonuses when extending.

Remember, while earning potential is important, remember that travel allied healthcare is about more than just money. Consider your personal priorities and choose assignments that not only provide great compensation but also offer valuable experiences and the chance to explore new places.

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