6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Pharmacist Could Do

As technology has advanced, the pharmacy industry has expanded its scope of operations. In today’s day and age, pharmacists are allowed to do more for you than they’ve ever been. A little added job description could mean less trips to the local doctor with pharmacists stepping up to the plate to offer basic medical advice and care.

Aside from being highly trained medical professionals who prepare, compound, and dispense medication, pharmacists are allowed to help with many different tasks in healthcare. Here are six things you probably didn’t know your pharmacist could do:

Administer Vaccinations

Pharmacists are able to administer vaccinations for the flu, shingles, and various travel vaccines. In addition, most pharmacies have a member on staff who can draw blood for various reasons.

Save a trip to the doctor

At a lot of in-store clinic, pharmacists can treat a child’s ear infection, perform a sports physical, diagnose head lice, and more.

Accommodate patients with suitable prescriptions

Pharmacists are there to make sure that the dose of the prescribed medicine is appropriate for the defined issue. If they sense that a prescription written by a doctor may not be the most appropriate or effective solution, they’re able to raise any concerns to the prescribing physician, and make additional recommendations to patients.

Help you select over-the-counter (OTC) medicine

If you the medication you need is either too expensive or may not be the right fit, pharmacists have the ability to suggest a discounted, generic drug. 

Help you save money

Although pharmacists can’t change your fixed copay that’s determined by your insurance company, most of the time they are allowed to recommend medicine that is similar to the one prescribed, but often at a much lower price.

Write sick notes

Most pharmacies can write legal documentation (often known as leave of absences) for sick leave absences from work or school. Simply bring any form of ID, along with any medications you may be taking into your local pharmacy.

With these tips you can learn how to save money, avoid mistakes, and get the most out of your visit to the pharmacy.

Author: Harlee Toothman

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